World Day of Prayer

Observed on the 1st Friday of March each year the World Day of Prayer is a worldwide movement of informed prayer involving people of many denominations and languages in more than 170 countries.

Each year the service is written by women in a different country who share the hopes, fears, joys and sorrows, opportunities and needs of their country. It affirms that informed prayerful action are inseparable. the World Day of Prayer logo depicts a cross, formed by praying figures from the four corners of the earth, joined together within the circle of the world.

Prepared two years ago by the Christian Women of Palestine, this year's service reflects difficulties experienced by them and how they have struggled in their lives over the centuries.

Everyone is very welcome to join in the Ecumenical service at St John's Anglican Church in Basset Road, on 1st March at 10:00am. The service will be followed by moring tea and fellowship.

Karen Parminter is collecting empty foil packets from chips, nachos, corn chips to pass on to the Wellington Chip Packet Project Wellington Group. The bags must not be torn or crunched up. So please open the bag at the top and once it is empty just fold it in half and then pass it on to Karen or drop it off at our office.